Dedettes are always ready to create bouquets in varieties that match our customers’ vision as to something perfect for their loved ones. We are aware that reaching to the perfect level of customers’ taste and choice maybe challenging but we know that listening to customers and modifying bouquets as per requests is possible. Let us share an incident we experienced recently and how blessed we are to have customers who believe in us. It all began with our creation “Perfectly Us”…..

Perfectly Us

Perfectly Us with a Heart

         Our artisan really took time to make this bouquet which has beauty and sweetness fused together. It was one of our top sales bouquet to be very honest. We were very glad that our customer returned home with our “Perfectly Us” with a wholehearted satisfied smile. That really boosts our happiness to carry on with our service.

As a twist, there was a customer who wanted our “Perfectly Us” with pink wrapping. The idea never occurred to us but the customer who believes in us bravely asked that we change the wrapping. The final product really did look very pretty and all thanks goes to the visionary customer we had that day. We both liked the bouquet and named it “Perfect Match” since we really appreciate different versions of the product.

Perfect Match

         In the very end, we realise that our customers have different visions apart from ours and they are willing to wait patiently, helping us out in customising the bouquet. We felt over the moon to have such creative and understanding customers. Getting new ideas and opinions make us learn and give the inspiration to make things happen. In a recent incident, there was a customer who wanted to give his daughter a long lasting 21st birthday bouquet and chose our “Perfectly Us”. Our artisan quickly came up with creating “Perfectly Us” with cute soap roses, artificial eucalyptus, dried baby’s breath and topped it with a crystal clear message balloon plus LED lights like icing on a cake. It looked extremely grand and our customer left the shop with a bright smile. We later named the creation as “Revolutionary Perfectly Us” and it was a proud moment for us.

Revolutionary Perfectly Us

Our dear customers are most welcomed to give their opinion and time for us to make their loved one’s day brighter. Your happiness is our happiness.