Good day, Awesome People. Dede Flowers & Gifts is always appreciative towards your efforts in making your loved ones happy. Also, we realise that a common question arises during our interactive sessions ie. “What does your logo mean?” 

Furthermore, the logo is also mistaken as a rose. We understand your curiosity and now the time of enlightenment about our logo is here. 

The pink flower on our logo is called a Eustoma, also known as Lizzy. “Eu” means goodness and “stoma” means mouth which overall stands for good mouth. We know that communication is one of the key factors in sharing one’s thoughts and appreciation. Therefore, we believe Dede Flowers & Gifts’ logo with a Eustoma indicates that we help you to communicate your love & appreciation through the language of flowers. 

We love expressing our respect and appreciation to one & all who are always finding ways to keep their loved ones happy. Furthermore, creating peaceful and joyful relationships around us is fulfilling. Thus, Eustoma is the perfect symbol to establish our vision and mission.