We all know that roses are most commonly chosen when we think about purchasing bouquets. These flowers are very beautiful and the fragrance of roses make them foremost on people’s preference list. Roses come in a great variety of colours and sizes which fit the personal taste of anyone. Ever pondered over the unbelievable beautiful colours of roses before? There are some known as hybrid tea roses. The variety of stunning colours these possess will never fail to catch your attention.

One of the best and most popular example of these is the “Coffee Break” rose. Yes, you read it right. This rose blends several shades at once ie brown,orange and yellow. The colour combination and beautiful sight give you the vibe to sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. I personally feel that the choice of name for this rose is definitely justified by our thoughts. This rose is now for some reason becoming trending and frequently picked among youths. I’m hoping that my information would keep you up to date and help you pick up trending flowers like a boss in the flower shop in future. That is the coffee, ooops.., tea of the day