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Our Beloved Superhero

         Days are passing by and we do realise that we are getting older. Although we are more matured to face life’s obstacles, we still need a trustworthy, experienced person to guide us at times. We can confidently think of our father now. These strong souls always have the patience to guide us through our thick and thin. No matter how much older we get, we our still daddy’s kids. They work so hard till the very end to raise us and only expecting nothing more but a bright future for us. This is what we call as pure love which is lacking nowadays and we extremely appreciate our fathers for giving it unconditionally. Happy Father’s Day to all the super dads out there ! 🙌🏾❤️

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Extend Lily’s Beauty

The Lily is a very beautiful flower and very much adored. Here are some tips on extending their freshness with some simple steps. Let’s learn more about the parts of the Lily before striding into the steps :

  • Our aim is to prevent pollination. The following are the tricks to keep lilies fresh for a few more days :
  1. Carefully remove the six anthers(which contain the pollen) from the filament by using tweezers.
  2. Be very gentle to avoid bruising the petals and the pollen sticking to the stigma.

extra tips+
~ If the lily’s anthers bobble about while full of pollen within it is still safe to remove.
~ Make sure to cover the stigma before removing the anthers with tweezers.

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Eustoma Enlightenment

         Good day, Awesome People. Dede Flowers & Gifts is always appreciative towards your efforts in making your loved ones happy. Also, we realise that a common question arises during our interactive sessions ie. “What does your logo mean?” 

Furthermore, the logo is also mistaken as a rose. We understand your curiosity and now the time of enlightenment about our logo is here. 

The pink flower on our logo is called a Eustoma, also known as Lizzy. “Eu” means goodness and “stoma” means mouth which overall stands for good mouth. We know that communication is one of the key factors in sharing one’s thoughts and appreciation. Therefore, we believe Dede Flowers & Gifts’ logo with a Eustoma indicates that we help you to communicate your love & appreciation through the language of flowers. 

We love expressing our respect and appreciation to one & all who are always finding ways to keep their loved ones happy. Furthermore, creating peaceful and joyful relationships around us is fulfilling. Thus, Eustoma is the perfect symbol to establish our vision and mission.

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Why we need to spread love and kindness around us?

         We often read or hear the sayings like, “spread love everywhere” and “be kind to one another”. Ever wondered why? As humans we need to understand that life is not made full by money alone. In fact it may become boring at a point. A little bit of love and compassion always add that extra spice in life and gives us reasons to live. A simple smile would make a confused or sad stranger’s day bright. Saying “I love you” freely to your loved ones makes them happy.  Even talking to the waiter/staff/cleaner politely or asking them “How is your day going?” would make their working day pleasant. Happy vibes help us create peace  and a sense of accomplishment. That is why we, Dedettes, always follow this mantra to make our surrounding happier. 😇🙌🏾

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          Battling with cancer is not an easy task. We are all aware that fighting against this dangerous disease needs plenty of strength and courage. Therefore, we truly need to take a moment to appreciate and salute all these wonderful strong souls who survived the battle. We also need to understand the pain and struggle behind every single cancer survivor. Loads of tears and prayers result in these survivors to not give up but to fight till the very end. All these survivors teach us that accomplishments do not only come from one’s willpower, but also consists of their loved ones’ believe and prayers. Happy National Cancer Survivors Day to all cancer survivors and huge thanks to all the loved ones who never give up on motivating them. 🙌🏾

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         Dedettes are always ready to create bouquets in varieties that match our customers’ vision as to something perfect for their loved ones. We are aware that reaching to the perfect level of customers’ taste and choice maybe challenging but we know that listening to customers and modifying bouquets as per requests is possible. Let us share an incident we experienced recently and how blessed we are to have customers who believe in us. It all began with our creation “Perfectly Us”…..

Perfectly Us

Perfectly Us with a Heart

         Our artisan really took time to make this bouquet which has beauty and sweetness fused together. It was one of our top sales bouquet to be very honest. We were very glad that our customer returned home with our “Perfectly Us” with a wholehearted satisfied smile. That really boosts our happiness to carry on with our service.

As a twist, there was a customer who wanted our “Perfectly Us” with pink wrapping. The idea never occurred to us but the customer who believes in us bravely asked that we change the wrapping. The final product really did look very pretty and all thanks goes to the visionary customer we had that day. We both liked the bouquet and named it “Perfect Match” since we really appreciate different versions of the product.

Perfect Match

         In the very end, we realise that our customers have different visions apart from ours and they are willing to wait patiently, helping us out in customising the bouquet. We felt over the moon to have such creative and understanding customers. Getting new ideas and opinions make us learn and give the inspiration to make things happen. In a recent incident, there was a customer who wanted to give his daughter a long lasting 21st birthday bouquet and chose our “Perfectly Us”. Our artisan quickly came up with creating “Perfectly Us” with cute soap roses, artificial eucalyptus, dried baby’s breath and topped it with a crystal clear message balloon plus LED lights like icing on a cake. It looked extremely grand and our customer left the shop with a bright smile. We later named the creation as “Revolutionary Perfectly Us” and it was a proud moment for us.

Revolutionary Perfectly Us

Our dear customers are most welcomed to give their opinion and time for us to make their loved one’s day brighter. Your happiness is our happiness.

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Relaxing time with Chamomile

          Chamomile flowers have many benefits to humans. This flower not only have a beautiful floral appearance, but also keeps our minds healthy. Our folllowing information will prove that God’s creations never fail to surprise us.

Chamomiles are mostly a beautiful garden plant or used as decoratives in bouquets. Besides that, chamomiles are also widely used as a flower tea. Science has proven that chamomiles have anti-anxiety properties and is a good relaxation herb helping us to sleep well. The simple fragrance from this flower relaxes us so that we can rest well. Just what we really need after a tiring day.

On the other hand, it does give some negative impact to certain people. Such as pregnant ladies and those with pollen allergies. But that doesn’t mean that these beautiful chamomile flowers are dangerous. By doing proper research and taking precautionary steps these will definitely make us become fans of these beautiful flowers.

That is all for today’s tea. Let us sit back & relax ourselves, enjoy the day with full positive energy.

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Our ”Daily Love” is here for you

          Dedettes always appreciate our customers as pure gems who never-endingly spread love and positivity around them and giving reasons for bright smiles. In return it is time for us to play our part to cause these gems to smile too. Hence, we are extremely pleased to introduce our Daily Love Specials to you. We have created all purpose bloom bunches and are happy to let customers enjoy them at an attractive price. These bunches can be used as ready made bouquets, decorative flowers in vases at home and even in DIY projects. We are more than excited to spread our love to all of you lovely people. Have more bright days with us and our Daily Love Specials.

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Sparkling Moment with Succulents

          There are people out there who love to be in a healthy green environment. This inspires them to grow their own plants at home to enjoy a fresh floral lifestyle. However, it may sometimes be impossible to care for any plant constantly due to busy work schedules and other commitments. But worry no more as there are solutions for all problems. Have you ever heard of these cute little plants called succulents ? They are mostly misunderstood as cacti however amazingly they are related in some way. Succulents are very affordable plants and extremely easy to care for. They give out happy vibes all the time since they can survive with minimal care and barely at any time can one see them result in a sad wilted state. They can survive with very little water and be used to decorate any part of the house. These versatile petite plants allow us to reposition them any which way so that we may enjoy viewing them all day long. Succulents never stop to amaze us. That is the cup of tea for today.

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Dreamy Day with Dried Flowers

       The world is full of wonderful creations that even our whole lifetime could not be enough to discover them all. All creations give different vibes when reaching its different phases. Ever wondered what vibe do flowers give when dried? Flowers remain beautiful no matter what. The fragrance they emit never fail to set our souls free from stress. However, isn’t it even more fascinating to know that flowers can stay the same even when dried? There are many ways to preserve flowers. Dried flowers’ lifespan can be from 1 to 3 years and are quite easy to care for. Just make sure to avoid direct sunlight and have them kept in a well ventilated area. These steps will ensure flowers stay dry and enabling them to retain their original colour and smell. This method is especially helpful when keeping flowers which have sentimental value or as ideas to do personal DIYs. Decorating your personal corners with dried flowers also shout out your homemaking ability and trust me, you are one talented person. That’s it for today. Enjoy your day.